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May 04, 2009 at 07:34 PM

Additional Data B Tab; screen#8309 scroll bar problem



I created additional fields to capture Quotation related information. There are about 43 custom fields added to VBAK using append structure.

These have modified the Screen#8309 to include all those fields. Looking at attributes of the screen#8309, it says Occupied 31 lines and 121 columns.

When I execute transaction VA21 and my display is average screen size, I see about 21 lines and scroll bar to see the rest of the screen. When I click on the scroll bar, the rest of previously hidden section of the screen shows blank.

If I maximize my screen, all the fields show up correctly. When the screen is in a reduced size and section that become visible when we use the scroll bar remain blank.

I compared the attributes of screen#8309 and fields I have added with other SAP Screens which are long and run into multiple screens, I don't see anything specific parameter or flag that will initialize the hidden section of the screen.

Question is how to get the hidden section of screen to populate automatically!?

Any help is appreciated.


Vasava Krishnamoorthy