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May 04, 2009 at 05:43 PM

Not able to create a universe when using nav. att. 0MATL_TYPE in the query


Dear experts,

We are having an issue when trying to create a universe over a BEx query which uses navigational attribute 0MATL_TYPE of 0MATERIAL (0MATERIAL__0MATL_TYPE).

No matter where do we insert this nav. attribute in the query (lines, columns, free characteristics...) that we are not able to create the universe. We receive a message when trying to create it such as "error without message"

We have other navigational attributes from several characteristics which are not giving us any problems in universes, just nav attributes 0MATL_TYPE and a Z characteristic (ZMATPR) which is the same as 0MATL_TYPE (it is defined the same way, not related).

Does any one have any clue on what could be the reason for this issue??

Thanks in advance for your interest!

Best regards!!!!


P.D: Sorry, forgot to say we are working with BW 3.5! Thus, BEx 3.x

Thanks again!