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May 04, 2009 at 02:13 PM

CR2008 barcode printed on Zebra label does not scan ... need to set dpi


We have upgraded our Crystal XI report to Crystal 2008 SP1. In doing so, we are taking advantage of the new Crystal 2008 Change to barcode function.

We distribute our reports (along with the Crystal runtime merge modules) to our clients.

Since installing Crystal 2008 SP1, the barcode is no longer scanning.

In this example, we are using Code 128 barcode symbology.

In Crystal XI, we converted our report field to a barcode using the Azalea Software, Inc. barcode function of AzaleaC128B(). The field is using Code128-WideTT-Regular font set to 24pt. This uses Azalea's 'older' u2lbcode.dll (V1.0)

In Crystal 2008, we are using the new Change to barcode function supplied by Crystal. We selected

Code 128, Codeset B. The display string formula shows as:

BarcodeC128B( ToText(CurrentFieldValue) ) Font is set to Code128VeryWide 24pt using the u2lbcode.dll (v5.500) from Azalea software.

I have spoken with Azalea software about this...they say it is the Zebra printer.

I then spoke with Zebra technologies. After sending some script files to them (with their assistance), Zebra determined that the problem is with Crystal Reports. Specifically, Crystal Reports is converting the barcode image to a graphic and then sending it to the printer. Zebra printers can accommodate 203dpi, 300dpi and 600dpi. And, they said I need to find out from Crystal Reports how to accommodate the dpi so I can print the 'image' to any Zebra printer.

Can someone please advise how to go about setting the report to accommodate all three of these dpi scenarios?

Thank you.