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May 04, 2009 at 12:01 PM

Why does Query and workbook output differs?


Hi Experts

I am using BW 3.5, BEx Analyser (WEB is not available in our company). I am getting strange results.

Users normally save their report during reporting period and refresh it when wanted to use it again. But when user refresh the report, she is getting sales quantity zero (overall for a particular prod hier), but when run the same report through workbook she gets some sales quantity figure.

When I refresh her send result, I do get the same results.

When Investigating I ran the report through query (not workbook) then I get sales quantity zero unlike run from workbook.

Can anyone advise me on the reason for this happenings? Is it normal?

Users doesnt want to run the same report every time through workbook, they rather prefer to refresh thir saves reports.

Please advise me howcan this be resolved?