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May 04, 2009 at 11:47 AM

Same functionality as COR6N - through Function Mod - passing Batch Number


Hi All,

We are using function 'BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT' to make a completion confirmation with a goods movement.

We are trying to achieve the same functionality as COR6N.

We enter a proc order, then put a qty into yield, click Goods movement (the matr is batch managed) and then enter a batch (movement type 101 by default). Then save. Everything is ok and is I check in table MSEG there is an entry for the confirmation with the batch I used.

Now, when we try this with the bapi the qty is confirmed but in MSEG the batch that appears is different than the one we passed to the BAPI. This is how we are calling the funciton:




  • TESTRUN = 'X'


return = wa_bapiret1


timetickets = i_timetickets[]

goodsmovements = i_goodsmovements[]

link_conf_goodsmov = i_link_conf_goodsmov[]

detail_return = li_detail_return[] .



WAIT = 'X'


RETURN = li_ret


i_timeticket one entry with fields informed: orderid, phase, plant, yield

i_goodsmovements one entry with material plant resource stg location, batch, mov type

(values as in COR6N)

i_link_conf_goodsmov[] two cases:

1.if we place an entry such as

i_link_conf_goodsmov-INDEX_CONFIRM = 1.

i_link_conf_goodsmov-INDEX_GOODSMOV = 1.

Then no entry appears in table MSEG, in COR3 delivered qty is not increase but in COR6N the already confirmed quantity IS increase

1.if we place no entry then

Then an entry appears in table MSEG but the batch is not the one in i_goodsmovements, in COR3 delivered qty is increase and in COR6N the already confirmed quantity also increases.

So our problem is that when we use i_link_conf_goodsmov to make the bapi use the batch we specify then it does not seem to work. success is returned from bapi in both cases. Of course we do a commit work immeaditely after the bapi.

I would really appreciate somebody help me out.