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May 04, 2009 at 11:42 AM

Creation of SAP Query in SQ02 with Single Table With Condition


Hi All,

I want to Create SAP Query in SQ02 using single Table MCHA.

ii) I dont want all entries of MCHA Table I mean , I have to apply some Condition on this Table.

i.e Suppose I am having actual data in MCHA table is like this for Material M1.

Plant Material Batch BatchCreationdate

P1 M1 B1 20.06.2007

P2 M1 B1 04.05.2009

P3 M1 B1 04.05.2009

But I want the Output of SAP Query is like this:

Material Batch BatchCreationdate

M1 B1 20.06.2007

That is irrespective of Plant if Material & Batch are equal ---> 1st record with Lowest date shoud get at the output.

Please help me How write the code on single table in the SAP Query.


Kiran Manyam