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May 04, 2009 at 11:38 AM

Startup Ins fail:pf=/usr/sap/SID/SYS/profile/START_DVEBMGS00_host not found


Hi Gurus,

Our DEV serevr is not running when we are giving startsap command It starts DB but SAP Instance is not started.So we are not able to start development server.

We have 2 instances in one server ( DEV & QAS ).

The log is as follows......


jtdnqr3dna:jtdadm 1> startsap

Checking JTD Database


ABAP Database is running

Starting SAP-Collector Daemon


open logfile '/usr/sap/tmp/dev_coll.tmp' failed... use stderri

16:55:35 04.05.2009 ERROR: cannot open log file /usr/sap/tmp/dev_coll.tmp

16:55:35 04.05.2009 ERROR: Make sure directory /usr/sap/tmp exists or specify DIR_PERF

16:55:35 04.05.2009 ERROR: in profile and run saposcol pf=<profile>

saposcol already running

Starting SAP Instance DVEBMGS00


Startup-Log is written to /home/jtdadm/startsap_DVEBMGS00.log

Startup of Instance failed

See /home/jtdadm/startsap_DVEBMGS00.log for details

jtdnqr3dna:jtdadm 2> cat startsap_DVEBMGS00.log

Trace of system startup/check of SAP System JTD on Mon May 4 16:55:35 IST 2009

Called command: /usr/sap/JTD/SYS/exe/run/startsap

Starting SAP Instance DVEBMGS00


/usr/sap/JTD/SYS/exe/run/startsap[14]: pf=/usr/sap/JTD/SYS/profile/START_DVEBMGS00_jtdnqr3dna: not found.

Startup of Instance failed

jtdnqr3dna:jtdadm 3>


Please suggest me what to do.

Thanks in advance..