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May 04, 2009 at 10:09 AM

scenario: client is a sub-contractor


hello, friends.

when we consign a raw material or component to a vendor for a project or production, and the output comes back to us as finished goods, this would be a sub-contracting scenario. the lead module here would be Materials Management.

but from an SD point-of-view, that is a reversal of roles, a customer sends his raw materials and/or components for us to work on and we return it to him as finished goods. with your patience, my questions:

1. is there a standard SD scenario for this, and what is the proper SAP term for this scenario?

2. if there is such a standard scenario, would the creation of a sales order for this type of scenario trigger an inbound delivery for the raw material/component while linking with a production order or a project?

3. should we assume that if there is such a scenario, this would be a make-to-order, and we would process the outbound delivery in a similar manner (i.e. from sales order stocks)?

if existing threads on this subject exist, i would appreciate the definition and i would take it from there.

many thanks!