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May 04, 2009 at 07:40 AM

Script Logic: Database records and sent records



Is there a way to access/compare both the values of sent records and the corresponding one (old one) in the database using script logic?

For that, I also would first need to know some details about the script logic:

Let's say I send cells using a Excel template and I have script logic defined on the corresponding cube.

Different theories...

1.) The modifed cells are first written to database, the scope is retrieved and the script logic is run, a *commit sends the other "produced" data (generated by *REC records or modified values like ACCOUNT.Myaccount=...) produced by the script to the database.

2.) Script is called "directly", and the modified cells can be thought of as implicit *REC() records that will be send together with the other script-generated data when a *commit is found.

Are there/Can you tell me the expressions with which I can access the old and newly assigned value of a cell?

Thanks for your help!