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May 04, 2009 at 07:07 AM

# is shown as Draft status in reporting.


Hi Experts,

I have one reporting issue,

One Report have 14 fields, one of those fields Requisition Status It shows the status of the Requisition.

this is a Standard Report.

Status code are:0= Draft

1= Released

2= Closed

when i create a variable on Requisition Status, Processing by manual entry/defalt value.

#= Draft

1= Released

2= Closed

normally # = Not assigned but here I got this problem, so the Requisition status is not displaying correct data, It show for one requisition both Draft and released also.

I have checked in Object level, there Draft represents empty column.

if i want to edit, then it show value as '0' for the same empty column.

In RSA3 Data is fine. status is given perfect result.

can anyone help me regarding this.