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May 04, 2009 at 06:42 AM

Missing function module 'SEO_NA_SET_SECTION_TYPE_SOURCE'


Im trying to use a programm for up- and downloading classes. Sadly, it was originally designed on WebAS 6.20, not for 7.00. Still it works to some extent.

The first eror occurs on importing, with the programm telling me that the FM 'SEO_NA_SET_SECTION_TYPE_SOURCE' was not found. Now this has to be some SAP FM (from the 6.20 class builder), cause the programm itself only has one file and no supplemental classes or FMs. Now i have been through the forum and the internet, but cant find neiter any information on the FM itself nor the FM it was superceeded in 7.00.

Anyone have any hints on the matter? Thx.