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Variables or Input Parameters

Hello All,

We are currently working on a HANA Implementation project where its time to decide on whether to go ahead with Variables or Input Parameters.
We are building around 30+ HANA models and as per the available functional specifications, we have around 10-15 prompts (Majorly optional ones) in all those models.

There was a decision that had come from the project level to utilize Input Parameters for all prompts (for both mandatory and Optional ones)

The expected behavior of the input parameter when a value at run time is not provided is as follows: (as per

The table above implies that it is mandatory to provide a value for the input parameter either at runtime or assign a default value while creation, otherwise, it leads to errors.
We have experienced the above mentioned issue. As soon as an optional input parameter is left blank, HANA view will throw an error.

To mitigate this issue, we came with an idea of match option, something like below.

Idea here was that user can either key in a value or leave the Input parameter blank. When it is left blank, the output should come back with ALL Values.
Like example below where VKORG is CA01 and VTWEG is blank. Now output is bringing only VKORG = CA01 and ALL VTWEG like 30, 50 and so on.

But the problem with the above match statement is that even if user key in ‘3’ instead of ‘30’ for VTWEG, all values like 3, 30, 300 would come out in the result (as its internally working as 3*).

We now have some options available with us:
1) Create LOV HANA views for all parameters calling from a master data table(in BW terms). The limitation here would be the F4 help would bring all the values in the master data irrespective
Of whether it has participated in a transaction. Further user still has the flexibility of adding his own prompt values rather than selecting from the F4 help.
2) Encourage/convince the customer to decide on variable for all optional parameters and input parameters for mandatory variables.

I am quite sure that you would have faced a similar problem in your project aswell. What is SAP’s recommendation on such requirements. or what is the workaround to meet our requirement.
We are consuming this HANA view in BO4.2 Webi directly without any universe. So a solution or workaround on WEBI side should also suffice.
User should have the flexibility of entering Single Values, Multiple values or leave the prompt blank.


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