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May 04, 2009 at 05:26 AM

Workflow needed for a Contract Approval & Time allotment Calculation


What info should I ask from the client to implment the given requirement in Workflow?


As was designed in the u201CAutomated contract approvalu201D project solution, the contract approval procedure is implemented using DMS and Workflow functionality. Contract master data document (in DMS) goes through a certain approval procedure (Workflow) via companyu2019s departments. On each step of this procedure, key users of each department check and approve the document using their own specific release (or de-blocking) codes.

Business requirement:

It is necessary to store the following information for each contract master data document (u201CContract Cardu201D): user name/ approval request received time / Contract Card release time.

It is a business requirement to have the ability to monitor and control the times of Contract Card approvals made by each department (or key user).

Detailed requirements and limitations:

u2022 Time limitation for each approval: no more than 4 hours per contract;

u2022 Time adjustments (increase of time limits) should be realized when one department (key user) has several contracts to be approved;

u2022 Working time (from 9-00 till 18-00) should be taken into account when calculating the approval time limits;

u2022 Weekends and holidays should also be taken into account during calculation of the approval time limits;


One of the approval process participants gets a request to approve a new Contract Card at

9-00 (Contract 1). The next document is received at 10-00 (Contract 2). According to the existing procedure, each department must complete the contract approval within 4 hours.

It is necessary to take into account the time available for the first document approval and calculate the time available for the second document approval.

The time available for Contract 2 approval (from 13-00 till 17-00) starts from the moment when the time for Contract 1 approval is over (from 9-00 till 13-00).

If another document (Contract 3) is received at 11-00, then the time available for its approval will be moved forward to the next day, because the start time for its approval will be calculated as 17-00.

Basic details : 1.There is nothing implemented in the system yet.

2. Holidays information will be configured in the syste

3. The time allotment will be based on First in first out.

My other queries :

1. How can we find the time of the available contracts under processign for user?

2. Where and how can we write a code to calculate the time ? (Should it be under some special BO/Class ?)

I would be really thankful for your support in the given matter