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May 04, 2009 at 04:50 AM

how to pass table in FM


Hi Friends

In this below requirement i have two doubts how can we pass multiple emp in FM for which we have to find manager and how can we acheive this req with well performed code ?


1) You will the employee for whom you need to find the manager

2) Identify the position(level 0) for the employee (PA0001 table will give you this)

3) For the position go to the table HRP1001 and look for a relationship A002 with another position (which will be level 1 manager). If there is no relation(A002 to S) go to the current solution you have (A-012)

If there is a relation(S-A002-S) to level1 (manager) look for the associated employee in HRP1001 table through the A008/B008 relationship between the position(level1) and the the person. If the person is found.. It is the Manager ; Exit.

Else.. go to the HRP1001 table and look for the A002 relationship between identified Manager position in step 3 and another position(level 2). Again repeat step 4. If not found repeat 5 and 4 till you find the Manager (5 iterations or loops).



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