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May 03, 2009 at 03:30 PM

RFC Receiver isn't updating the SAP ECC.



I am creating a JDBC to RFC interface.

The JDBC is working fine, I see the payload in the communication channel monitoring.

There is no error in the communication channel monitoring regarding the RFC Receiver, and I see the right payload.

When I execute the RFC in SE37 the relevant tables are updated.

The interface (RFC Receiver) fails to update the relevant tables.

I selected "Commit Handling for Single BAPI Calls" in the RFC Receiver adapter.

The quality of service of the JDBC Sender is exactly once, but I see in the audit log that the message is synchronous. maybe its related ?

In the log I see that BAPI response is 0 rows.

In the RFC Receiver adapter I selected "Commit Handling for Single BAPI Calls" .

The last rows of the Audit Log of the RFC Receiver are (The status of all the rows are success):

RFC adapter received a synchronous message: Attempting to send sRFC for ZXI......(function name).

RFC adapter received a synchoronus message. Attempting to send sRFC to J2EE_GUEST.

BAPI response was a table of type BAPIRET2 with 0 rows.

BAPI executed successfully.

Commit transaction with BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT

MP: Leaving module processor

The message was successfully delivered to the application using connection RFC_http:// .....

The message status set to DLVD