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Former Member
May 03, 2009 at 12:01 PM

hi,i have a problem when I login.disp+work.exe is stopped


"dev_w0" files:


B create_con (con_name=R/3)

B Loading DB library 'D:\usr\sap\C11\SYS\exe\run\dboraslib.dll' ...

M *** ERROR => DlLoadLib: LoadLibrary(D:\usr\sap\C11\SYS\exe\run\dboraslib.dll) Error 126 [dlnt.c 226]

M Error 126 = "Can not find the specified module."

B *** ERROR => Couldn't load library 'D:\usr\sap\C11\SYS\exe\run\dboraslib.dll'

[dbcon.c 3789]

M systemid 560 (PC with Windows NT)


is there someone know why????

my CPU is AMD 64bits,my OS is windows 2003 and my DB is Oracle

Wen I open my SAPMMC,disp+work.exe will be stopped in 1 minute.

I have try to resolve this for two full days,But i can't resolve it,it here anyone help me???!!!