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May 03, 2009 at 12:38 AM

no Automatic credit recheck after ATP confirmation of scheduled line



Custmer credit limit = 100 ; current credit exposure = 90 ; new order value = 20

Order schedule line confirmed quantity = 0; at the time of order save, the order is credit approved (new order credit value = 0 ; credit limt > current exposure) - the sytem behavior is O K ;

Later, the PO is generated, the (batch job) ATP process confirms (reserves) the product for the new order ; the credit commitment/exposure is correctly updated to 90+20 = 110. But the process of ATP / credit commitment update DOES NOT trigger a recheck of the new order ( the new order should now go into a credit blocked status; VOFM routine will continue to confirm quantity for orders on credit block). We do not want to check orders at the time of delilvery. This behavior of not trigerring a recheck at the time of ATP confirmation / credit commitment will let "rush" orders to be on Approved status and possbily delivered. How have you handled this scenario, except (a) periodic recheck of all approved orders either manually or thru the VKM4 selection (batch job) . Pls. rememebr the business process design preference is NOT to credit check at the time of delivery.