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BI Content for S/4HANA and it's impact on RTC configuration

Hello Experts,

We´re working in S/4HANA (1610 FSP02) with BW (7.51 SP2) and BPC (10.1). We are implementing an RTC solution but our customer is asking us to create some reports in BW for FI and PS data.

We found some extractors in RSA5 that I could use, however, we couldn't find any BI content (ADSO i.e) for them. We've read SAP Note 2341038 but we're really confused. It says BI Content and BI Content Extensions are not supported in the Embedded BW client (...), even though they are technically installable. It also mentions Content bundle.

This is not clear for us and these are our questions:

1. If there´s no BI Content for us, should we built everything as custom models (Z*)? We're missing also some standard infoobjects, should we create them as Z* too?

2. The note says that is not supported but it´s tecnically installable. So, is there any risk if we ask Basis team to try to install it? Is it going to work? Could it have any impact on our RTC configuration?

3. The note mentions also something about Content bundle. I try to activate FIN_REP_SIMPL_FIGL in TCode BSANLY_BI_ACTIVATION (in a simulation mode) and I got error messages because the activation process look for Infoobjects that doesn't exist anymore in S/4, like 0GL_ACCOUNT. Should we try to activate another Content bundle? Which one?

We'll really appreciate any help on this.

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1 Answer

  • Sep 04, 2018 at 12:48 AM

    Answer for question1. Some standard infoobjects are replaced by /ERP/* infoobjects. You can use TCode.RSD1 -> input /ERP/* and press F4 to view these infoobjects. Some others standard infoobjects have no replacement, you'll need to create Z* for them.

    Answer for question2. If install it, it won't work. Also there'll be many errors which cannot be resolved. Please read note 2289424.

    Answer for question3. In S/4 HANA system, the only Content Bundle is

    /ERP/SFIN_PLANNING (Simplified Financials Planning). All other content bundles are not supported in SAP S/4HANA. See the same note 2289424.

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    • Thank you Maggie.

      About question1, You mentioned infoobjects, but what about ADSOs or CompositeProv? We couldn't find any, so if, for example, we need to use a BW extractor like 0FI_GL_10, which is available, should we build an ADSO and transformation Z*?

      Our main concern is that some standard transformations contained ABAP routines and rules that can be complicated to create from scratch.