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May 01, 2009 at 09:47 PM

Partial Reconciliation on Payment on Account


I am working on SAP Business One 2007 A Patch Level 38:

I understand the usefulness of Partial Reconciliation but am having the following problems when it is used in conjunction with a "Payment on Account". Here is the scenario.

I have a Customer who sends us a payment in advance of $10,800 and we choose to (on the Incoming Payments window) post it as a "Payment on Account". Later, we have an A/R Invoice cut to this customer for $800. I go to the Internal Reconciliation window on the Business Partner and change the "Amount to Reconcile" from the resulting "Payment on Account" row from $10,800 to $800 and press the "Reconcile" button. Unfortunately, SAP automatically takes my remaining $10,000 and posts it to the Miscellaneous Income account. If this was an A/R Credit Memo instead of a Payment on Account, it would have just left the $10,000 open and available on the Business Partner. Can you please explain why SAP is moving this money automatically over to Miscellaneous Income and/or advise how to prevent this? I have tried to use an A/R Down Payment Invoice also and as long as the money was from a "Payment on Account", it takes the difference and posts it to Miscellaneous Income. Currently, my only option I see would be to create a manual journal entry and move money back from the Miscellaneous Income account back onto the Business Partner account - not a preferred method.

Thank you in advance for your reply.