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May 01, 2009 at 08:25 PM

J1IS :Posting date adjustment needed for Utilization or Reversal of J1IS


Hi Gurus,

In our Client Scenario:

In case of Deemed Exports Excise Invoice, SAP suggested us to go for J1IS for getting accounting entries.

Client have done the same on 1st May, keeping Posting Date as 30th April. So that, those duty values get added to April Utilisation. But while doing that, for four Excise Invoices in J1IS, he has forgotten to change the Posting Date from 1st May to 30th April.

Because of this, for the Four(J1IS) Excise invoices related duty values added to 1st May Utilization amount in J2IUN.

Is there any way to correct these entries, so that actual amount will supposed to be utilized for the month of April will be done perfectly before 5th May.

From forum, Two ways of cancellation:

"whenever you are trying to cancel the Excise Invoice generated by J1IS/J1IV , Use J1IH-> Cancel Excise Invoice> you have to give the Official Excise invoice no. which is generated by J1IV for cancellation"

"cancel the invoice using J1IS -> Cancel and then subsequently reverse the accounting entry passed under J1IV using FB08."

which is best practice for cancellation of Excise Invoice created through J1IS and the reversal of accounting entries.

Thanks in Advance.


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