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May 01, 2009 at 07:09 PM

Missing Parameter Field Option


First of all, thank you to all for taking time to read my question. I would appreciate any and all help that may be given.

I have searched the forum and haven't had much luck finding what I'm looking for, but it may just be that I'm not sure how to work my question.

I have a client who uses Crystal Reports. They run an .exe file to open the reports from a network share. His original workstation is Windows 2000

When they run the .exe, a window comes up with the choices to Print, click Done, and About (This is a Seagate Crystal Reports Runtime v 7.0). When they click Print, a "Enter Parameter Values" window comes up with a Parameter field choice of "Customer" where they can input a customer number and pull the reports on that. There is not Crystal Reports on the local machine, it seems to use a viewer.

This user has recently migrated to a new Windows XP machine. Crystal reports is on this machine. When the user performs the same steps and opens the .exe file to the report, and then clicks Print, the "Customer" parameter field is missing.

Is this because it needs to be entered manually? Should it automatically come up?

Again, I am grateful to everyone for taking your time to read this, and any help would be extremely welcome.