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May 01, 2009 at 04:11 PM

Help on Change Management Population?


We are trying to determine all changes to Roles followed a proper procedure and help is greatly appreciated.... So here is what I did.

1. SUIM - Change Documents - For Roles - Authorization Data

it will pull a list of all changes to the role for a given period of time selected in the previous screen.

2. To determine how many changes actually happened, the number of changes I mean, Can I use the total of the first row>?? Or is it the total of the row that says "New Value".

3. Also if you hit settings - Layout - Change on that screen, and select Document number, it will display document number also. Is there a way to coorelate this document number to a transport number?? What does the document number represent??

4. In the SUIM - Change Documents - For Roles there are other option that also seem to suggest changes to a Role...for e.g Attributes. Is an attribute change a change to a role?? Is the selection Single Roles in Composite role a valid selection criteria to show that there was a change?? More importantly these are all different criteria right?? (Results will not overlap unless I select all). Of course this only makes sense if there is someway I can tie this to a transport how would I do that.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks