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Former Member
May 01, 2009 at 01:34 PM

Deselect auth. check for infocubes (Checks for infocubes) in RSSM



An infocube I installed contains an authorisation relavant object (already exists) in BW3.5 system. By default the infocube is selected for auth. check in RSSM.

After I transported the cube to target system I realised the auth check in RSSM has also been transported with the cube.

Hence, I have deselected the auth. check for the infocube "Checks for infocubes" in RSSM and saved it. Then, I created a second transport and only transported the cube. But the changes I made in RSSM hasn't been transported.

Please can you advise me how to transport the changes I made in "Checks for infocubes" in RSSM?

Thanks a lot