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Apr 30, 2009 at 11:55 PM

Condition Dependant Document Output in SRM 5.0



My requirement is to conditionally suppress the sending of the PO output if the action profile type is MethodCall (XML) and the initial PO send completed successfully. This means that on any subsequent change to a PO for this profile type, do not send the output.

If I create a start condition for the Method Call process type, the output record is created but not sent as expected.

Because the BOR object BUS2201 doesnu2019t have the required attributes to meet my requirement, I extended it by adding the version_no attribute.

When testing BUS2201 via SWO1, the custom attribute is visible and populated. When I create the desired condition, the custom attribute is available for selection. When I create the PO the system sends the XML output. Then when I subsequently change it, the system still sends the output. Itu2019s as if itu2019s not recognizing the custom attribute in the decision to determine whether to process the send action.

Has anyone successfully implemented this type of solution?


Jerry Martinek