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Apr 30, 2009 at 07:39 PM

LSO Web based training with Final Test



Our requirement is to have E-learning course with a final exam in it, qualification should be imparted after successful completion of the exam. We have been able to do it by creating and structuring E-learning course in Authoring environment as multiple learning objects. Final test is attached to the learning net as a test element created in the learning net. With this way of course structuring, we have been able to achieve our objective of offering the E-learning with an exam in it for compliance certification, but system does not store the test results (you will get test feed back as pass/fail and final % score, but not at the item level as you can get in On-Line exam).

Figured that if you create exam as Post test (for Learning net), results are stored, but course can be passed/completed or reached to 100% as soon as you complete all the objects in the learning net (without the final exam). Post

test is linked to the learning net, but not as learning object.

My question is, how to make post test mandatory to set the course completed. Learning progress should not reach 100% before passing the final exam.

Really appreciate your help to figure this out.