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Former Member
Apr 30, 2009 at 04:11 PM

Printing font Barcode3of9 from Crystal Reports XI


I have an issue with printing font Barcode3of9 from Crystal Reports XI utilizing Manhattan Associates Performance Management (PM) UI application.

The font is applied to a field that is converted from a number to a text using the CStr formula in Crystal Reports XI in order to display the value as a barcode.

The barcode on the report is converted successfully in the PM UI 100% of the time. However the business tries to print the report using the print or the export the report functions and the barcode is not converted 100% of the time into a barcode only the value of the field displays.

The font is installed on the server that the business accesses and I have installed the font on the web server for our testing environment, but it still does not aide with fixing the issue.

Does anybody have any experience with this issue?

Thank you