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Former Member
Apr 30, 2009 at 01:22 PM

XD03 and MN05 issue.


Via MN05 we have set up for automatic delivery (via e-mail) of the remittance advice and purchase orders.

The remittance advice delivery method works fine, but the PO delivery is being delivered to wrong e-mail address, for some reason. If I look at XK03 for the vendor in question, then look at the address details I can click on more details against the vendors e-mail address. When displayed I can see two lines. The first line with an e-mail address, a radio button which is checked (standard number), some text saying remittance advice and an ID of 001. The second line again has a different e-mail address, a radio button which is unchecked, some text saying Purchase order, and an ID of 002. However, when the PO is e-mail'ed the details from the first line are used rather than the second line, so it gets delivered to the wrong e-mail address.

Does anyone know how to get around this problem. It feels and sounds like a config issue to me, but I'm a developer so am not 100% sure.