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Apr 30, 2009 at 12:50 PM

Display Links on welcome screen of SC as per the role in PFCG


Hi All,

We have created a Z ITS service from a Z transcation and want to give the link of this ITS service on welcome screen of EBP only to some specific users.

We created a Z role in PFCG and attached the link of this ITS service using the option 'Generic Web Address (URL Template)' from the popup that we get on clicking Other button in PFCG .

How to check the role to display this link on the welcome screen?

We can not hardcode the link in ITS template because then it will be displayed for all users.

We can not use the Z transcation directly instead of calling the corresponding ITS service because then it also shows menu options on screen using which the user can access SAP EASY ACCESS menu from screen.

In PFCG it display under the Go Shopping folder:


So how to check the role in ITS template and show the link only to specific users?