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Apr 30, 2009 at 11:36 AM

Runtime error while loading Technical Content



We are experiencing runtime errors while executing the Technical Content process-chains: System Master Data (0TCT_MD_S_FULL_P01) and Content Master Data (0TCT_MD_C_FULL_P01). The process-chains execute without visible problems (everything turns green) but 4 runtime errors are registered in the system log for the following Info Packages:





The error messages looks like this (translated from Swedish):

Short text of error message: Process LOADING 0PAK_43Z79HUZNB59VHA7E0YUCR6DQ has no successor for alternative 00 Long text of error message: Technical information about the message: Message class....... "RSPC" Number.............. 114 Variable 1.......... "LOADING" Variable 2.......... "0PAK_43Z79HUZNB59VHA7E0YUCR6DQ" Variable 3.......... "43CUCSYJQ1IUJ5KKG5FY66D4V" Variable 4.......... 00

To fix the problem we added a u2018dummyu2019 AND (with no succeeding process-variant) after the 2 IP in 0TCT_MD_S_FULL_P01 and we also linked the other two IP in 0TCT_MD_C_FULL_P01 to the existing AND in that process chain. And suddenly the runtime errors are gone! It makes no sense!

We havenu2019t activated the latest version of the Technical Content but that should not matter in this case. Anyone whou2019s got an idea on how to get rid of the errors without having a dummy AND in the process-chain?