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Apr 30, 2009 at 04:30 AM

Permanent closure of Open Sales Orders


Morning Gurus !!

May be this is an issue with a lot of consultants. Our company wants to close all the open Sales Orders, for which I have suggested giving a Reason for Rejection or a Credit Block to close them. But end users are asking for a method where the closed Sales Orders should not be editable or changable in VA02, they should permanently be closed.

For this requirement I searched the forum and found no solution except one thread, which I did not understand, how to implement. I am giving that info here:

Thread by - Ravi D Mansharamani, Posted on Feb 27, 2008. Topic: Closing of a Sales Order

"You can use status profile (Transaction BS02) at sales order header and here you can define status 10 as created and status 20 as completed. Now for status 20, you can define objects types wherein you wont allow any changes by clicking on forbidden for a particular status, in this case status 20."

Now my questions are:

1. How to implement above suggested method and will it permanently close an open sales order?

2. If this does not, then is there any way in which we can close an open sales order which cannot be changed in VA02??

3. If I want to attach a document or a screen shot to a thread, how to do it?

4. How to know a thread no., if I want to give reference of it in my thread?

Your valuable suggestions are urgently needed

With best regards.

Venkat - Hyd