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Apr 29, 2009 at 11:14 PM

DS 3.1 Server Group Error



I am trying to setup a Server Group for 2 job server in separate m/c's. I have done the preliminary steps of adding the repostiory to the job servers and testing a job in that repository for both the job servers and they work fine. I am connecting to the Repository using SQL server connection

When I setup the Server group in the admin console, the status page throws an error that both the job servers are not part of the server group with the following sql statement






and ( "AL_MACHINE_INFO_1"."SERVER_NAME" = 'DS_JS_scatlbbw') and


( "AL_MACHINE_INFO_1"."PORT" = '3500')

DS is using the sqluser as the schema name in the select statement whereas the table is located within the 'dbo' schema. If I run the above query replacing "bfcnonprod" to "dbo", I can see 2 records with the server group name in the repository.

The DBA is saying that the client standard is to have all the tables with dbo schema as the owner. Has anyone faced this issue before ? Is there any place to force DS to use a default schema when reading the repository.

All DS servers are on Windows 2003 R2, repository - SQL Server 2005 EE/SP3