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Apr 29, 2009 at 05:17 PM

Adding Business Days to a Date to create New Date


I am looking to add a formula to auto calculate a new date, but only want to count business Days.

Currently I am using formula to calculate how many days need to be added:

//ODD Priority Business Days

If left ({DEFECT.PRIORITY}, 1)= "1" then 10


If left ({DEFECT.PRIORITY}, 1)= "2" then 20


If left ({DEFECT.PRIORITY}, 1)= "3" then 50


If left ({DEFECT.PRIORITY}, 1)= "0" then 10

Now I need to create a formula to add these numbers to the date field, for conversation purposes, I need to add these business days to my "start date" to equil my "ODD date".

Example, if my "start date" is 1/1/2009 and it is a Priority 2, then I need to add 20 business days to that, so the "ODD date" would be: 1/29/2009.

Please help.