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Apr 29, 2009 at 04:38 PM

Automatic Profit center posting



I have below situation,

1. If there is posting with GL 300200 with document type ZE in company code 1100, then profit center should be 1100XE22.

GL account is for forex valuation, so there will be automatica posting only, and we want to hit to profit center 1100XE22 only if above situation occurs.

actually i created substitution rule, " if Doc type ZE GL 300200 and company code 1100, then substitute with profit center 1100EX22". basically we have profit center required entry for the posting. basicall above substitution works and it does substitute the profit center, if we put the wrong profit center, butit does not automatically populate the profit center.

so i need to populate profit center automatically, please show me the way if that can be done?

thanks inadvance