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Apr 29, 2009 at 04:09 PM

Wily Introscope Version for Solution Manager 7 SPS 17



We have a solution manager 4 (now 7) running on an ABAP stack only, this was recently upgraded from Solution Manager 3.2 which was installed 3 years ago as ABAP stack only, this server was never powerful enough to have the Java stack added and the project did not require it.

I am now looking to migrate this ABAP Solution Manager 7 to a new server, using ABAP & JAVA so I can make use of Solution Managaer tools like Diagnostics, RCA, WILY etc.

On a sandpit copy I have migrated the ABAP instance to a more powerful server and added the Java Instance from the Solution Manager 4 Installation Master, so I now have a dual stack SM 4, I have patched this to SP17.

I am looking to install Wily Introscope for monitoring, I have read Note 797147 - Wily Introscope Installation for SAP Customers, where it says you should always use the latest version of Wily, which is 8.0.2, but looking at the note, the downloads for Introscope Enterprise Manager and Introscope Workstation are from SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.0 EHP 1, but I am not running Solution Manager on EHP1, I am on SP Stack 17.

Looking in the SWDC there are downloads in SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.0 -> Entry by Component -> Solution Manager JAVA Stack -> WILY INTROSCOPE ENTPR MGR 8

Is this what I should be using for my SP Stack 17, or should I use the EHP1 version?

Also, setting up the Solution Manager Diagnostics, is there a setup PDF for Solution Manager 7 SP17 ? I cannot find a setup guide for this release, most are for EHP1, I would rather not have to implement EHP1 as part of this migration !

Thanks for any help.