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Apr 29, 2009 at 03:33 PM

SE24 abends after adding "abstract" to method declaration


Hello SDN Community,

I am needing to declare a method as "abstract". I can do that and it activates ok, but when I back out to previous screen, following error occurs...

Runtime Errors: MOVE_CAST_ERROR


Date and Time: 29.04.2009 11:22:53

Short Text: Dynamic type conflict when assigning references

What happened?: Error in the ABAP application program. The current ABAP program "CL_OO_CLASS_BUILDER===========CP" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

Please evaluate how I am declaring the method as "abstract", possibly I am doing this the wrong way. If I am correctly doing the key-clicks to declare a method "abstract", then possibly this is an SAP errror.

Key-clicks I am doing to declare an abstract method...

from existing SE24 class...

1) enter a new method "ABS3", level "instance", visibility "public", and save.

2) double-click the method

3) --> note buttons change on the application toolbar, now have button "public section"

4) click "public section" button on application toolbar.

5) code appears. note line at end "methods ABS3 ."

6) change this line to be "methods ABS3 abstract ." and activate.

7) it activates successfully.

8) click the "green back arrow" on the system toolbar

9) aforementinoed error happens.

Any insight into why this happens would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Dean Atteberry.