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Apr 29, 2009 at 01:08 PM

Framework Tag


I'm trying to create a custom Toolbar which contains a Refresh icon - I am trying to do this using the tag libraries FrameworkTagLibrary and NavigationTagLibrary.

I have created a jsp file which has the taglib references for both libraries. Then it has a table containing the necessary refresh tag: frm:pageRefreshAnchor.

I modified the portalapp.xml file to include the following:

  <property name="SharingReference" value=""/>
  <component name="Toolbar">
          <property name="ClassName" value="com.sapportals.portal.navigation.PageToolbar"/>
          <property name="ResourceBundleName" value="pagetoolbar_nls"/>
          <property name="SafetyLevel" value="no_safety"/>
          <property name="EPCFLevel" value="0"/>
          <property name="NavigationTagLibrary" value="/SERVICE/ "/>
          <property name="FrameworkTagLibrary" value="/SERVICE/"/>

However I keep getting the following error:

Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

Could someone please point me in the right direction for creating a custom Toolbar and/or using the Tag Libraries? I am already using the SAP Library references on using Tag Libraries but am still apparently missing something!