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Former Member
Apr 29, 2009 at 12:54 PM

help with "...empty class OBJECT"


In the NW AS ABAP 7.1.1 documentation it says...

The root node of all inheritance trees in ABAP Objects is the predefined empty class object. This class is the most generic class because it does not contain attributes or methods. When you define a new class, you must not explicitly specify this class as a superclass because it always exists implicitly.

I am confused about this "empty class OBJECT" that "exists implicitly". Would like help in understanding what I need to do / not do in regards to this entity.

I create a new class in SE24 with 2 abstract methods and then would like to create two sub-classes that inherit from the root class and redefine the abstract methods in addition to other methods.

What does the existance of this "empty class OBJECT" mean to me? Can I look at it? Do I need to do anything with it? Would appreciate any insight on this subject and if you can point me to further reading material, would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Dean Atteberry.