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Apr 29, 2009 at 12:48 PM

File to Idoc scenario


Hi All..

Actually i am getting few fields from the source i.e file side but where as some mandatory segments are there at the IDOC end.. How to map such fields do i need to map with some constant values.

for example :

Idoc-- every idoc will have a Begin field, where to these field no values will be passed from the file how to map this begin field do i need to map the constant value 0.

who provides the values for SNDPOR -- Sender Port

SNDPRT -- Sender Partner Type & SNDPRN - Sender Partner Number, RCVPOR -- Receiver Port, RCVPRN -- Receiver Partner Number.

similarly many segment fields are there under E1EDK41, E1EDKA1 etc.. what to do with the segment do i again need to map with constant values--