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Former Member
Apr 29, 2009 at 12:19 PM

Internal ITS - multiple languages best practice ? (MIMES and Templates)


Dear Sirs,

I am in the process of developing applications for INTERNAL ITS and need to take multiple languages into account.

Are there any document og help site which describes best practices for this. I must admit that I feel the standard help page is a bit vague.

Language defendant Mimes

In my head a language dependant mime would give me the possibility to upload an image with the same name but for different language (Ex: logo.gif EN logo.gif DE).

And then by using ~mimeurl(name=logo.gif) the sap-language parameter would determine which image to be shown?

Language dependent templates

What is the best practice for creating these.

Is the only possibilty to create variable place holders for language dependant text EX: #name (maintained to X in one language and Y in another) or can you have completely different templates for each language?

Any document, experienced is highly appriciated. Please do not link uncriticaly to

best regards,

Jørgen Ruud