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Apr 29, 2009 at 10:28 AM

Schedule object in infinite runing state



Below is error:

========================================================================1. We have one object package which contains 50 deski reports to run. I

have scheduled it to run on daily basis in staging environment.It

started on schedule time and it is in running state for infinite time

and havenot completed till the time I raised case.

I checked deski job server but there is no job running on it.


Below is my environment details:

OS: Solaris

Installation: BO XI R2 SP4 FP 4.8


One more update is we applied FP4.8 on 24th 10:30 PM IST and before thatthis object package was running fine. So my observation is this is mightbe because of FP 4.8. Also we are getting different error for schedulingin production environment and I have raised separate case for it.

Please help me in this.


Swapnil rodge.