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Former Member
Apr 29, 2009 at 10:25 AM

Using new PI 7.1 as a WS provider - interface with multiple operations


Hi guys,

I'm new to 7.1 and have a doubt about using it as a web service provider.

I assume, we can create an outbound service interface with multiple methods and publish this interface to SR. Is that correct?

How should I set up the scenario - which adapter will be on the outbound side (sender agreement)? Should it be the new WS adapter?

If I'm not wrong, WS adapter is ABAP based. Which port will be then used as a destination for WS clients? Will it be 50000 or 8000?

So there shouldn't be any problems with exposing 1 interface with several operations. It will be possible to call them w/o any problems. Is it correct? Because for example for the SOAP adapter you can't choose the operation so you have to use it only for interfaces with 1 operation.

Thank you for your help,