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Former Member
Apr 29, 2009 at 08:54 AM

Conversions on Sales Document


Dear all,

I am trying to use the factor functionality on the item master to do my conversions on my sales document i.e. delivery note. Factor 1 is the quantity i want to convert, factor 2 is the factor i am using and the quantity is the deducted stock unit as in the stock keeping unit. For instance i have an item which can be sold both in litres and kg. So when i am selling in litres i have to use the conversion i.e. factor to deduct the exact kgs from my stock. e.g i want to sell 30 litres of sulphur but my stock is in kgs, so i input the factor 1 i.e. 30 litres and say the weight conversion is 0.8 so 0.8 of 30 litres = 24kgs. So 24 kgs will be deducted from the system. Now i come to my pricing i wanted to display the total price of litres, the system calculates QuantityPrice i.e. 24unitprice thats the standard. But if i wanted the totals to be Factor1unitprice i.e. 30unitprice it pops up a discount which affects my gross profit. I am looking for a solution where i will be able to display Factor1*unitprice as my total without giving me a discount.