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Apr 29, 2009 at 06:38 AM

RM07IDRU - Physical Inventory Document Layout change


Hi Guru,

We have a requirement for the layout of the IM physical inventory document, in the original form "INVENT", there is no the page number. We want to add the page number at the bottom of the page.

ABAPer help to activate page number printing function of the print program "RM07IDRU", but we found that the display doesn't meet our req.

for example:

- we have 2 PID: 100000500(20 items) 100000501(2 items)

- we use MI21 to print with these 2 document no. entered.

- it will printed out 3 pages. page 1 and page 2 for 100000500, and page 3 for 100000501. but the page number at the bottom display like below:

page 1 for 100000500: page 1 of 3;

page 2 for 100000500: page 2 of 3;

page 1 for 100000501: page 3 of 3;

what I want is to seperate the page number by physical inventory doucment number, like:

100000500: page 1 of 2; page 2 of 2;

100000501: page 1 of 1;

The ABAPer said if we need to change like that, he need to change the printing program "RM07IDRU", so I am afraid the change will impact the other transactions which will also use this printing report "RM07IDRU".


1. Is there any other solution we can use to meet the page number requirement above?

2. If we decide to change report "RM07IDRU" ( copy RM07IDRU to ZRM07IDRU, and change on ZRM07IDRU), but how can I assign this modified report to print the IM physical inventory document?

Thank you very much,