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Apr 28, 2009 at 08:55 PM

Determining document type: Debit Request vs Sales Order


Our scenario:

o Business activities that are not our core revenue-generating business and currently invoiced out of FI-AR (FB70)

o Intend to change the billing process to invoice out of SD instead of FI-AR, one of the reasons is being able to capture SD related data for reporting purposes

o Different material masters but no more than 10 records, has yet to decide if the same material type

o Different pricing (procedures?)

o Relatively simple processes

o Same customer base

o Share same business attributes as core business like PO #, PO Date, Vessel #, etc. Therefore the new document type may want to reference to the underlying contract/sales orders.

o Different revenue account assignment

SAP refers Debit/Credit Request as complaint process but this type of billing has nothing to do with complaints. It's just a different type of billing.

Questions: We are trying to decide whether to create the new sales document type as Debit Request or another Sales Order type. Or does it matter? How are these two different and what are the determining factors?

Appreciate any suggestion on how to tackle this.