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Apr 28, 2009 at 06:18 PM

Load a flat file into BW-BPS using SAP GUI



We are using BW BPS 3.5 version, i implemented how to guide " How to load a flat file into BW-BPS using SAP GUI" successfully without any errors.

I inlcuded three infoobjects in the text file costelemt, Posting period and amount. the same three infoobjects i inlcuded the file structure in the global data as specified in the how to document

The flat file format is like this

Costelmnt Postingperiod Amount


XXXXX 1 100

XXXXX 2 800

XXXXX 3 700

XXXXX 4 500

XXXXX 5 300

XXXXX 6 200

XXXXX 7 270

XXXXX 8 120

XXXXX 9 145

XXXXX 10 340

XXXXX 11 147

XXXXX 12 900

I successfully loaded above flat file in to BPS cube and it dispalyed in the layout also.

But users are requesting to load flatfile in the below format

Costelmnt Annual(PP=#) Jan(PP=1) Feb(PP=2) ........................................Dec(PP=12)

XXXXX Blank 100 800 900

Is it possible to load a flat file like this

They wants load a single row instead of 13 rows for each costelement

How to do this. Please suggest me if anybody accorss this requirment.

In the infocube we have got only one Info object 0FISCPER3(Posting period) and one 0AMOUNT(Amount)

do we need 13 Infobjects for each posting period and amount.

Is there any possiblity we can implement any user exit which we use in BEX Quer's

Please share your ideas on this.

Thanks in advance

Best regards