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Apr 28, 2009 at 05:02 PM

OnBeforeFormDataAdd Event Problem



I have a problem with the OnBeforeFormDataAdd, when trying to change data on matrix cells. The new data is not saved on the database.

Example: Capture the OnBeforeFormDataAdd when adding an invoice, then change Free Text column to some value like this:

matrix.Columns.Item("163").Cells.Item(1).Specific.String = "FREE TEXT"

After the document is added we navigate to the document, and the Free Text column does not hold the "FREE TEXT" string.

I'm trying to do this on system forms so the UI-API is being used to place the value in the matrix has shown above.

The version of software are SAP BO 2007 PL48, B1DE 1.5.

Any ideias?

Thank you in advance.