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Former Member
Apr 28, 2009 at 12:30 PM

Me28 report


HI friends,

I have copied the std me28 report to zreport and when i execute the zreport with the

'alv' option specified in the scope of list paramteres ...the report is still displayed

in the default form not in the alv form..

But if u execute the std report with the same option it is displayed in alv form.

In the report there is one function module " ME_REP_GET_TABLE_MANAGER'

in both cases i.e std as well as zreport both the passing aparameters are same while

the O/P displayed is different(gf_factory parameter)

In the case of zreport Gf_factory is initial.

while in case of std it is alv.

How to solve this problem.