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PP: Order Reservation Reduction of BOM component when alternate component is goods issued


Would like to get some community input on a business scenario we have regarding Component order reservations.

Summary - ECC 6.0 Batch managed environment for Finished good and component products (good issue 261 mvmt process used thus no backflushing). Production Orders used for finished good and component production. Due to the nature of the component production order process, it is common that components can be used during Finished Good production that are not on the Finished Good BOM. Question relates to allowing for unplanned component consumption while also reducing reservation quantities for BOM component.

Scenario flow:

- Finished Good "FG-1" has BOM 1 with component "C1"

- Production Order "8888" created for "FG-1" for 100,000 lbs, creating reservation "91234" against BOM component "C1" also for 100,000 lbs

- During manufacturing, plant decides they need to use some batches (Batch 1, Batch 2) from another component "C2"

- Production order confirmations and Goods receipts (101 mvmt) are entered for "FG-1" equaling 20,000 lbs.

- Unplanned Goods issue (261 mvmts) for component "C2" are entered for 10,000 lbs (batch 1) and 10,000 lbs (batch 2)

- Inventory mvmts for 261 are posted for "C2" thus correctly reduce stock of "C2" material

- Order reservation "91234" for BOM component "C1" however is left at 100,000 lbs quantity even though remaining FG Prod Order receipt qty is 80,000 as alternative component C2 was used to satisfy 20,000 lbs of FG production order

Question - The business requirement is for the Order Reservation for BOM component "C1" to be reduced by 20,000 lbs accordingly based on the FG production order goods receipt of 20,000 lbs and the Goods issue of component C2.

What options within SAP-PP do we have that would allow this requirement to be met?

Thank you

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