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Apr 27, 2009 at 08:17 PM

AC 5.3 Logical systems and multiple Physical systems


HI all:

We have set up a Logical System, and then have hooked up 2 Physical systems to it. Based on the documentation from SAP, the rule set (and the way we set it up) is at the Logical system level.

Physical system #1 is reporting the correct results, however, Physical system #2 results are not complete. My understanding is that both Physical systems should be drawing from the rule set based in the Logical system.

Results: Physical system #1 - correctly identifies 10 risks

Physical system #2 - incorrectly only identifies 5 of the expected 10 risks.

Role assignment to user is exactly same, authorizations are exactly the same. The User/Role/Profile Full Sync has been repeated as part of troubleshooting.

Has anyone experienced this? I'm looking for ideas/options on where to investigate why the results are different.