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Former Member
Apr 27, 2009 at 06:37 PM

Issue with Bex customer exit variable(Bi7)


Hi All,

I have created a customer exit variable based on charateristic ZFISCWKYR. This variable is a selection option variable with mandatory input.

When uses enters data in this field it should calcuate total number of unique weeks.

Like 1/2008 to 52/2008 = 52

1/2008 to 15/2008 = 15

Total weeks = 52 ( not 52 + 15)

It should dispaly error message if week is more then 52.

I have written this logic for validating weeks not more then 52 unique in a new class.

My issue is this new class is not getting triggred when i run my query.

Please suggest.


Gowri P